A Brief History of Me on the Internet

I have been active as a blogger for well over a decade. I collected my various websites to in 2010 and blogged there (fairly) consistently up until 2016. 

I’ve recently decided to start writing again, but I don’t want to write about lifestyle content or products I like. There’s nothing wrong with those topics, and if you’re interested in the kind of blogging I used to do, pop over there and check it out. I’d write about any of those things for a living, but in my spare time, I'm ready to move on to other topics.

I really want to write for me. And hopefully, for you. I want to write about my life, or other people I care about, because those posts are the ones that feel most authentic, and they’re the ones I enjoy writing the most. Plus, they’re the ones that stand the test of time.

It didn’t seem right to have posts about life on the same website with posts about how to decorate for Christmas or which fashion trends I’m interested in. So I decided to boot up this website as a new home on the web.

If you’re anything like me, once you find something you like to read online, you keep reading it, but it’s helpful to have a reminder when new posts go up. So if you like what you’ve been reading, sign up for my enews, and receive handy-dandy emails when new posts are up for you to check out.

Most of all, thanks for reading, and all comments are welcome.