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Before I had the twins I was certain I wouldn’t be the mom who dresses her kids in matching outfits. I figured doing so would require a lot of organizational drawer-stuffing and planning that was beyond me.

Personality Types

The first time I heard the twins’ heartbeats, they were quite different. One was more rapid than the other, and my doctor laughed heartily. “They’ll have totally different personalities,” she explained to me.

With the twins, I seem to have an unshakable idea in my mind that things should be fair. I suppose it’s the nature of there being two babies, and wanting to ensure they’re each given a good upbringing.

Our first trip home this past summer was a week-long tour visiting as many members of the family as we could. We’ve now managed it three times in their eight months, and each time has felt like an accomplishment in line with receiving a college diploma.

It's Biological

As a non-parent, there are things about parents’ behaviours that you find perplexing. Why do they talk about poop so much? Why do they cry when they talk about their kids? Why do they want to go to baby showers?

I’ve been reading an incredible amount in the past few weeks. Breastfeeding up to 14 hours a day provides plenty of time for it. Today I was shown an article that touched on the difficult topic of fertility and the choice to pursue pregnancy.