Two on One

One of the most challenging parts of being a twin parent are the times when you’re outnumbered. When my husband is around, things are much different. Each twin has a parent to tend to their needs, and crying fits rarely happen. Achieving bedtime with two parents is a breeze, as each little one gets perfectly undivided attention and cuddles. With the two of us on parent duty, I’m up for adventures out in public; we even went out for a meal with the twins recently.

Out on the town alone with them is another thing altogether. It takes a lot of preparation–mental and otherwise–to do it. A quick trip to the store is one thing, but I think a big win will be spending an afternoon at the mall with the twins, on my own. My idea of “big win” has really changed since having kids. There are certain “Mommy and Me” groups I’ll never attend, like swimming for example. I don’t think there’s a twin mom hack for that.

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