Life Isn't Fair

Growing up, if I was disappointed that my sister was allowed something that I was not, I recall complaining to my parents that things weren’t fair. I remember the response I’d receive as if it were yesterday. “Life isn’t fair,” my dad would say, shutting down any future argument I might have. 

With the twins, I seem to have an unshakable idea in my mind that things should be fair. I suppose it’s the nature of there being two babies, and wanting to ensure they’re each given a good upbringing. I never want to favour one or the other. I want to ensure they get equal food, equal snuggle time, and equal attention at playtime. I have found a multitude of ways to divide up my time and energy on the day-to-day, measuring food out in equal portions, taking turns with cuddles, and coming up with games that two can play at once.

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Personality Types

Personality Types

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